Crosspoint Kids Security Registration Form

  • We are so excited to welcome your child. To keep your child safe, we have a security system. To register your child in our programs and security system, please complete this form. Once your registration is processed, you simply enter the last 4 digits of your home phone number (as you enter it below) at one of our kiosks to check in your child(ren).

    Two ways to register:
    1) Via the internet below. Due by Wednesday 3:00 p.m., prior to the weekend you plan to attend.
    2) In person. Miss the Wednesday deadline? Fill out the form and submit, and we will email you a document to print and bring with you to the Kids Welcome Desk, OR upon arrival, you can fill out the form. (Early arrival recommended.)

    * required fields
  • This will be the phone number that you use the last four digits to check your children into the building.

  • CHILD 1
  • CHILD 2
  • CHILD 3
  • NOTE: If you have more than three that are 5th grade and under, please first submit these above by clicking the "submit" button below, and then return to this page to submit a new form for other children.
  • By entering Crosspoint Kids Ministry, you are giving permission for photos and videos to be taken and used for Crosspoint publicity purposes.